Thursday, May 29, 2008


if you couldn't tell by my cartoon portfilio, i'm still pretty much a novice when it comes to animating. but, i try hard and every project turns out better than the last! A large part of the progress can be attributed to my research on several websites dedicated to the art of animation. I figured i'd share a couple-3 with you this week, since i haven't really accomplished much since last we spoke due to scheduling issues with my voice talent.

first we have Cold Hard Flash. a site dedicate to excellence in Flash based animation (which is what i use, so you might see why i find it interesting). a good place to go to see what the the top tier animators are up to, and for inspiration.

2nd we have the legendary John K's blog. if you aren't in the know, John K. created one of my favorite cartoons, Ren and Stimpy, as well as pioneered using Flash for cartoons. He's kind of a curmudgeon, and has a very narrow view of what animation should be, but his blog is full of valuable information for would-be animators none-the-less.

next we have Mark 2000. M2000 is a talented animator/designer who shares my passion for political commentary. He also started a series of VERY helpful tutorials sharing his expertise on the subject of Flash and design. hooray PNGs!

here's one i kind of stumbled upon. I'm a fan of Hellboy and really all things Mignola, so i followed the Hellboy Animated blog pretty closely. Unexpectedly, mixed in with the progress updates and interviews and what-not are in depth tips on scripting and storyboarding. helped me A LOT.

so hopefully this weekend i'll have the voice-over all recorded, and by next week i'll have something besides filler to show you! ;)

'til then!

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