Friday, May 23, 2008


Hi all.

Somewhere along the way the intro to the cartoon grew to about 3 minutes, which is about how long i shoot for a whole piece to be (for load time and attention span reasons). instead of editing, i think i'm going to publish the whole project in 2 parts. the "intro" as part 1 and the actual Agent portion will be part 2... at least on Newgrounds. on Company State i'll probably put it all together as one.

Anyway... part 1 of the 'toon is just about done! all's left is audio pretty much, and i can't finish that until my main voice actor, and good friend, Dustin, can come over to record his lines. so if this thing gets delayed any more, the buck has now officially been passed!

good day.
(what?! no pictures?!)

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