Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Quick one this time, as I'm trying to make the move from posting bi-monthly to weekly.

Today we have a happy burger man!

doesn't he look proud of his creation? but look at that ET hand! it's almost like i didn't think anyone would ever see these things. like they say... always wear clean underwear.

OK, that's much better. AND it's in tune with the rest of the characters! somewhat modeled after Mel from that show Alice, only with a paper hat instead of that sailor's cap. I guess he looks a lot happier than Mel ever did too. OK, forget the Mel comparison. He's based on Han Solo.

so here we have the version of Han that we'll see in the actual cartoon. say, that realistic rendition of a burger is making me hungry! i wonder what kind of vegetable medley my wife has waiting for me tonight. maybe my boss will let me work some overtime. (just kidding sweety! yum yum veggies!)

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