Thursday, May 8, 2008

50' Queenie!

It's getting increasingly difficult to come up with posts free of any serious spoilers. So, here's some more character design breakdowns from the 'intro' segment. i hesitate to call it an intro, 'cuz its roughly a 3rd of the cartoon.

Anyway, we're doing a 2-fer! First we have the Welfare Queen, the subject of this little project.

as usual my storyboard drawings fall just shy of being portfolio material, but bear with me. next we have a priest holding some bread. and no, he's not stealing it or corrupt or anything... it's for charity, you cynics!

What's with the chinaman holding the loot?! First of all, its not a chinaman, you freakin' racist, he's just REALLY happy and squinty. OK, well why is there a slash mark through each of the pictures, you ask? did you despise them that much? NO, i say! that means i've progressed beyond that point in the storyboard. Just to make it easier to find where i left off the previous night.

after establishing the the 'look' of the characters with Joe, drawing the rest were considerably easier. i was able to work these out (relatively) quickly.

From there we go digital...

yep. pretty much the same. except i changed the eyes from the soulless black pits in the sketch to something a little more lively, and he lost a couple fingers. what can i say... war is hell.

here we see the Flash drawn version of the Queen accompanied by her brood. doesn't her nouveau riche opulence make you sick? excellent.

As an added bonus, here's the super rare chaser, 1 per box , alternate version of the Welfare Queen before her newfound wealth.

So that's all for today. i think i'm going to make an effort to post more often, but with shorter posts (cuz i don't have that much material). I recently attended a Tiny Army meeting hosted by the benevolent Daniel Davis, and was told that if i post more it will appease the Google.

see you soon!

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Daniel Davis said...

See, Google told me that you posted, so Google is watching you!

Thanks for being part of TINY ARMY, Wes!