Thursday, June 5, 2008

(half) DONE!


ok, it's not COMPLETELY done, but the intro got so long that i decided to make it into it's own feature. so i present to you WELFARE QUEENS!

after watching (its only 2-3 minutes) do me a favor and vote on it. look for this:

and click whichever number you feel is appropriate. You DO NOT have to be a Newgrounds member to vote. I'm not asking you to falsely pump up my ranking... i just want to let people who are not familiar with the functionality of Newgrounds to be aware that the voting option is available to ALL.

"why vote?" you ask... well to put it simply, the higher a score i get, the more exposure and views the cartoon will get, and of course i want as many people as possible to see it. i'm pretty proud of this cartoon, and frankly feel it's my best to date. so i'm confident that it'll prompt you to give a good score. of course, if i'm wrong, then by all means vote appropriately.

Oh yeah, the voting must take place TODAY (Thursday) to be effective.


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