Thursday, December 11, 2008

[insert space cliche here]

sorry, it's late and i want to go to bed... all the clever space titles i tried to come up with fell short, so cover for me. i usually do these during the day, but my work schedule has been all wonky with cut-backs here and trying to make it up there, etc, etc.

anyway... today we behold the creation of yet another character! as you can see below it took quite a few tries before i hit on a design that i didn't think sucked rocks (sorry for the hard-to-see drawing... i have a pretty light hand when i sketch, which makes for crappy scans).

actually i was rather fond of the fish bowl guy, but i thought it was too similar to the fish Earth Worm Jim character. i know, he didn't have a body, but it was a fish and he was in a bowl and he was in space. so i decided to keep trying.

and trying.

EUREKA! i haven't properly named him, but have affectionately been calling him Astro. bet you didn't see that coming. so here's the finished design in Flash:

OK i'm off to bed. gotta work 2 jobs tomorrow. gonna be a long day. see y'all next week!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Walk Cycles A-Go-Go! [pt.3]

I know it's been a while, but my motivation for doing these posts has been rather non-existant. Now that my dear friend Sally is no longer with us, however, and is now in a better place (Massachusetts) I've decided to start up the ol' blog again since she really liked it. or at least told me that she did. So this one's for you, Sally!

It seems i left everyone hanging on the 3/4 walk cycle, so click on the image below to see it in action:

pretty exciting, eh? this was the most difficult to do, but i think it turned out the best out of all the walk cycles. to be completely honest, i had a little help from my life drawing instructor/wife in getting him to look less 2-dimensional. but to my credit, it was just a small correction.

after it's all said and done, i'm not sure i'll take the 3/4 plunge again any time soon. it kinda sucked. we'll see.

I'm getting relatively close to finishing the animation portion of the 'toon, so the end is in sight!

tune in next week for more Agenty goodness!