Thursday, December 11, 2008

[insert space cliche here]

sorry, it's late and i want to go to bed... all the clever space titles i tried to come up with fell short, so cover for me. i usually do these during the day, but my work schedule has been all wonky with cut-backs here and trying to make it up there, etc, etc.

anyway... today we behold the creation of yet another character! as you can see below it took quite a few tries before i hit on a design that i didn't think sucked rocks (sorry for the hard-to-see drawing... i have a pretty light hand when i sketch, which makes for crappy scans).

actually i was rather fond of the fish bowl guy, but i thought it was too similar to the fish Earth Worm Jim character. i know, he didn't have a body, but it was a fish and he was in a bowl and he was in space. so i decided to keep trying.

and trying.

EUREKA! i haven't properly named him, but have affectionately been calling him Astro. bet you didn't see that coming. so here's the finished design in Flash:

OK i'm off to bed. gotta work 2 jobs tomorrow. gonna be a long day. see y'all next week!

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